OSPI Custom Testing for

Super Less Commonly Taught Languages (SLCTLs)

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is pleased to continue the service previously offered by the Washington Association for Language Teachers (WAFLT) to offer Custom Testing for languages that are not currently supported by the major testing companies that offer testing for Competency-Based Credits for World Languages in Washington. 


OSPI is excited to announce that we've partnered with Avant Assessment, who delivers the Avant Stamp assessment, and Extempore, The Speaking Practice App. Avant provides the assessment prompts and recruits, trains, and manages the rating by certified raters. Extempore serves as the platform for delivering "Custom Tests" for Super LCTL's for World Langauge Credit Testing and the Washington State Seal of Biliteracy.


OSPI Contact Information:

Veronica Trapani
Associate Director – Content, World Languages and International Education, Secondary Education and Pathways Preparation
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)  

Phone: (360) 819-0950
Email: veronica.trapani@k12.wa.us

This webpage is dedicated to providing district contacts with everything they need to know when it comes to Super LCTL Custom Tests for World Language Credit Testing and the Washington State Seal of Biliteracy.  

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Need a custom test for your district? 

Request a Custom Test

Please submit requests a minimum of one week in advance of when you plan to administer the test(s).


Schedule a Training Session (mandatory)

Schedule Training Session

Testing administrators are REQUIRED to schedule a Custom Test training session PRIOR to administrating tests at their district.
Training is expected to take roughly 30 minutes.


Handbooks - Download below for a detailed overview!

OSPI Extempore Administrator Handbook OSPI + Extempore - Student Handbook

Available languages & Online keyboards

Due to limitations and access to raters for certain languages, OSPI is only able to accommodate custom tests for certain languages at this time. 

If you would like a custom test for a new language that is not listed below, please submit an online request using the Custom Test Request Form, and we will begin the search for a rater in the respective language.

We will do our best to accommodate all new requests in a timely manner, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that requests for new languages will be ready this school year.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Custom Tests are Available for the Following Languages


Gujarathi Mandinka Shona
Bisaya/Visaya Hungarian Moldovan/Romanian Swedish
Bengali Icelandic Nyanja (Chewa/Chichewa) Tibetan


Palauan Toishanese/Taishanese


Pangasinan Tongan




Pohnpeian (Micronesian) Yapese





Q'anjob'al (Kanjobal)







Who is Avant Assessment? 

Avant Assessment is a leader in online language proficiency testing. Avant delivered the world's first online computer-adaptive language proficiency assessment more than 20 years ago. Avant STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) is now available in more than 40 languages and growing. As part of this partnership with OSPI, Avant develops each test and conducts thorough training, and manages the rating by raters. 


What is Extempore?

Extempore is an online platform designed to support practice and assessment in any subject, at all levels of proficiency, in a way that is convenient for the teacher and the student. Creating more reading, listening, writing, and speaking opportunities, to help reach the goal for your students to communicate effectively in a diverse society. 



Create a FREE Extempore Account

The link below is unique to OSPI. Please sign up through this portal to gain full access to Extempore. We offer free school pilots and department training. This will allow your students and teachers to get comfortable with the tool before using Extempore. 

Create your Extempore Account here!

Have Questions about Extempore? Get in Touch!

Click here or use the form below to book a time! If you do not see a time that works best for you, please email Lisa Parra Staves at lisa.parra.staves@extemporeapp.com.

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