Are your students getting the speaking practice they need?

Increase Their Oral Proficiency 

There are countless materials and resources for listening, reading and writing. One key component is missing... speaking. Whether it's because students are shy or simply not getting enough opportunities to speak we can ensure better learning outcomes. Can you confidently say that all of your students are speaking in the target language daily? Most educators agree that getting students speaking the target language is an ongoing struggle.  Extempore solves this by providing language instructors with the tool they've been missing. 

Create and assess speaking activities in minutes!

Through technology, Extempore makes oral assignments and practice quick and simple for teachers and students. Extempore can be used for any language on any device- anywhere! Take a look! 
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Benefits of Extempore

For many language educators assessment is most commonly done through written work because other forms of evaluation are not practical. However, we know that the more students speak in the target language, the better they get at communicating in it. So let’s make oral practice and oral assessment an integral part of the curriculum.

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